TPF Contact:  

Gordon Hahlweg
Winnipeg, Canada
Tel: 204-291-6110

DELLEMC is the world’s technology and market leader in the rapidly growing market for intelligent enterprise storage systems, software, and services.  The company’s products store, retrieve, manage, protect and share information from all major computing environments, including UNIX, Windows NT, TPF and other mainframe platforms.

Airline reservations, hotel accommodations, and financial applications such as credit card authorization and securities transactions, account for some of the most I/O-intensive online transaction processing environments in the world today.  As the worldwide leading supplier of storage hardware and software for the TPF environment, EMC’s solutions are industry unique.  EMC’s Symmetrix hardware and software products increase the already superior performance and business-support capabilities of today’s leading TPF storage solution.

For further information about DELLEMC and its storage solutions, DellEMC’s corporate web site can be accessed at