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Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), with over 14,500 consultants, is India’s largest IT company and Asia’s largest “Global” provider of software and software services. Founded in 1968, head-quartered in Mumbai, India, TCS’ consultants perform software services worldwide in all major technologies and programming languages. With a Quality commitment second to none, TCS currently has 10 major software Centers, spanning 15 separate locations, utilizing 6000+ people, that are assessed at SEI CMM Level 5. With a strategy to become a “Global 10” software consultancy, TCS is doubling in size nearly every two years.

TCS, being an “International” Software Consultancy organization, is engaged in providing strategy consulting, information technology & engineering services to clients in areas such as: Banking & Finance, Telecommunications, Insurance, Retail, Government, Manufacturing, Aviation & Transportation, Wholesale & Distribution, Utilities and more around the world.  These clients vary in size and our work for them involves projects of only a few person-months to many person-years in effort.

TCS has over 90 offices worldwide, spanning North and South America (33 of them in the USA & Canada), Europe, South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, S. Africa and India itself. With 32 years of experience in the IT industry, TCS has provided over 35,000 person-years of its services in systems and application development projects, involving all major platforms and environments, to more than 500 clients worldwide.

TCS offers fixed-price bids as well as time & material rates, onsite and/or offshore, for all our services; whichever fits our client’s specific needs or situations the best.  Our project involvement spans nearly the entire spectrum of software and hardware platforms.

TCS has the necessary experience and infrastructure to effectively manage large projects.  Its resource base includes trained quality assurance software professionals, systems software support personnel, hardware maintenance groups, telecommunications operations staffs; as well as tried and tested methodologies for all aspects of software services.  A very strong technology base enables TCS to develop custom-built tools for nearly every project, enabling it to achieve high levels of quality and productivity. 

In summary, TCS is known by its clients worldwide as being a “relationships-oriented organization”. TCS recognizes that these relationships are developed by providing high-quality, on-time, cost-effective solutions -- project after project.

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